Wang was free, Tmall back to the big Taobao, the Ali back

Wang was free, Tmall back to the big Taobao, the Ali back

nearly a week, two things happened Tmall media attention. The first thing Amazon settled in Tmall, the other is Tmall incorporated into Taobao, the former president of Tmall Wang Yulei (Qiao Feng) was dismissed. If we look at these two things together, what is the nature behind them?.

March 6th, Ali issued formal personnel appointment announcement, Wang Yulei was relieved from his post as president of Tmall. And its China retail platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) unified planning and management. Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng (line epilepsy) will serve as the head of China’s retail platform, directly to Ali group COO Zhang Yong (Xiaoyao) report.

Wang Yulei is just a victim of Tmall reform

news, on the merits and demerits of Wang Yulei spread. Reports from all sides, can be divided into two versions: one is Tmall and Taobao to send sent infighting, Wang Yulei and the victim, Taobao sent Zhang Jianfeng Ali, "the old man" style is also very like Ma and reuse; second is Wang Yulei personal achievement dissatisfaction, by "double eleven" brush single, hammer mobile phone sales data fraud, Tesla storm and other negative effects in.

"child Caifen wrong, just look at the pros and cons of adults".

Wang Yulei took over Tmall just one year. In 2014, he Tmall on the development direction of the three adjustments: first, keep an eye on, second, hire high-quality sellers; the pursuit of high value products, cancel the tofu; third, the middle line of sight under the brand, carpet search. And to develop a brand fashion industry vertical, membership value, wireless and personalized service stratification of the Tmall "Five" strategy.

a series of movements, although the composition of PR, but at least we can see that Wang Yulei is "not as", but Ali ecological changes and by the electricity supplier industry under the impact of the external environment, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan needs to be unified. With "conspiracy theory" to explain, Wang Yulei should continue to deepen the reform of their strategy to Tmall, Tmall needs to be independent, at the helm of Tmall, Wang Yulei served as vice president of Tmall, Tmall is opposed to personal feelings on the return to the "Taobao" system, such as political reform, the thought is not uniform will be for maximum power, Wang Yulei’s demise for the group, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

coincidentally, original founder of Tmall mall general manager Huang Ruo, in 08 years because of differences of opinion on the B2C strategic positioning and mode of operation and turnover.

unified management essence is to return to the big Taobao

September 2008, Ali designated big Taobao strategy, the electricity supplier links (marketing, payment, logistics and Technology) to open up by the consumer (C), B (business), service providers (P) composed of open platform. Which C2C Taobao, B2C Tmall (Taobao mall), a Amoy, these three retail based products constitute a real sense of the big Taobao, Juhuasuan derived during. By June 2011, the three