Talk about the story of the successful opening of the shop after lost my job

Talk about the story of the successful opening of the shop after lost my job

a long time ago, my friend’s friend opened a shop, now he bought a house. A long time ago, my friend also opened a shop, and now he bought a car. It seems that although the network is virtual, but it is true to make money through the network. In fact, I also wanted to open a shoe shop called urban tide, but there has been no action, perhaps due to the inertia, always feel that they have a job, why bother working so hard to get a job? But now it is different, the financial crisis, I lost it job. My friend that I was in unemployment after the first time I sent congratulations to the message, he said that job is a piece of chicken ribs, which tied my own entrepreneurial footsteps, now, without a tie in the world a relaxed, open a shop, "working as their own boss". Today, China’s information industry is still in the development stage, e-commerce is a big piece of cake, it is time to start a business.

so, that what is also hesitant? Early into premature birth, I believe you will God helps those who help themselves, successful. So with the help of my friends, I registered a website to do a cosmetics brand agents. After opening the shop for a few weeks, let me very depressed No one shows any interest in it. I know at the moment to keep a high mood and self-confidence is a very difficult thing, but in any case I will not give up efforts, because I see from the Internet through a set of Statistics: 48% of the sellers to one month after the failed after the quit; 25% to the seller after two months without success after do not dry, 15% to three months after the seller failed after the quit; 12% to the seller after three months to continue, while the 8O% is generated from the big sellers of these people. I decided to do 80% of the 12%.

Management: rely on specialty products to support the facade

that night, I was at the computer with another owner of business experience, the seller said: "as a proxy to make tens of thousands of buyers to find us, in so many shops, like a needle from the sea fishing, the probability of TUT spray……" Finally, we reached a consensus, in order to stand out among thousands of people, there is no feature to support the appearance of the product is not enough. You want to ah, do agents, are selling the same thing, people on what to buy your


here is the so-called specialty products, is not sold elsewhere, you are unique, business is good.

finally, he said, he wants to please his father coming back home, he let dad hand clay to him on the Internet to sell. I say this idea is really good, and then gave him some suggestions, such as pinch things can not be too simple, in addition to the tiger skin and to cover and contain everything, monkey, rabbit and rogue should also have the grey wolf, for example, products not only ornamental, but also practical, like clay, pen holder, photo frame the ashtray like; for example, to integrate into the fashion element in the traditional process, like electric mud dolls, voice mud nightlight. Then >