Puff dessert brand nine

Puff dessert brand nine

dessert to join in the project, has been all the more love puff dessert series, of course the market has been recognized by many consumers popovers project, one of the better the nine brands, small series have been selected for you, if you are of one brand interested, remember to give us a message. So what exactly nine brands? See below.

a, magic sweetheart dessert

has saved three magic eyes, sweet fix, thousands of stores unified taste, everyone will love: after three years of painstaking research, production process improvement, three tips, everyone will use the magic of mold making, core making machine, carefully taste the package material — Magic sweet to learn


magic, so that consumers can enjoy a full sense of happiness after tasting. Loved by the modern people to various provinces and cities are magic honey dessert the rapid expansion of the market, with the intention to join the investors can not miss this opportunity.

two, honey puffs dessert workshop

honey puffs workshop in addition to have dessert crispy skin and stuffing the rich, more domestic cartoon, pursued by the market, once launched on the popular rapidly become friends and high streets and back lanes, giving pet own choice, consumer satisfaction, shop Wang burst, brand value strong proof of



music puff

The process and change the taste

music puff puff no special dessert market now similar predicament, even if not love sweet people see it can instantly fall in love with puffs, for investors, compared to other food model, investment income is smaller, faster music puff, the operation is more simple, is a rare choice of investment projects catering


The other

puffs and rich taste soon became popular among young people in the flavor of desserts. Now, in the foundation of the traditional music heritage puff puff and the innovation, after several years of careful study, developed a more beautiful more novel and richer taste puff varieties, in addition to the classic round puff, also launched a color cube puff, soaking up all eyes.

four, Tom boys bakery

Tom boys bakery brand has been more than 20 years of precipitation, quality characteristics in the continuous innovation has always maintained extraordinary charm. The Tom boys bakery cake, bread, coffee, tea and other delicacies are very attached to Chinese population, into the mainland market China that consumers love the brand headquarters while actively explore the market shop. Tom boys bakery project advantage 11 series, the more than and 300 single product, the choice of hundreds of millions of diners.

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