The project highlights the business to make money not to be missed

The project highlights the business to make money not to be missed

now in our social life, there are a lot of successful people are through the entrepreneurial way to complete the goal of getting rich, and now want to succeed in business to get rich, you need to before the venture, the election of a good project. Small series to expose you to make money a good project.

1, mini home appliance store

Some of the details of

for shop project, China’s power industry to the market matures, fierce competition, generally entered a low profit era, especially the "United States", "Su Ning" and other home appliances big price war, some businesses and manufacturers have entered the limelight. Some dealers sell a color TV is not as good as selling a pair of antennas, too much investment and almost tragic competition is the reality that investors have to face. At present, China’s small household electrical appliances profits remained at 30 ~ 50%, the "big market, small investment, high return" phenomenon, let us power industry is far behind.

2, wild herbs store

3, apparel processing, wholesale and retail

2011 is the most profitable business from the angle of personal investment venture, venture in the apparel industry, one can do clothing factory or workshop for garment processing, the key point is that the design must be able to keep up with the trend, otherwise not have strong competitiveness. Two is to do the clothing market sales, wholesale or retail can be. For less capital entrepreneurs, to open a clothing retail store to complete the accumulation of the original funds, is the first step towards success. And there is a certain amount of money to entrepreneurs, small companies can make open sale of clothing manufacturers recommend

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