Vacuum cleaners ten brands list

Vacuum cleaners ten brands list

now is not very annoying, it is too easy to dirty inside the home, there is no time to clean up every day. In short, life is more trivial, in order to have a clean and tidy home, vacuum cleaners have helped a lot of busy! Therefore, the ten major brands of vacuum cleaners have become a matter of concern to many women. Along with the development of modern life, vacuum cleaners in people’s lives play an increasingly important role, the following is to announce the list of the top ten cleaners.

vacuum cleaners ten brands list NO.1: Honeywell

Honeywell is an international company engaged in the development and production of automatic control products, the company was founded in 1885, is more than a hundred years of history of the international company. In 1996, the United States, "fortune" magazine as one of the most respected 20 high-tech enterprises. Is a sales of $33 billion 370 million (2011), the world’s leading multinational companies in the diversified technology and manufacturing industry (the top 500 ranked in the top 280). The aim is to increase comfort, improve productivity, save energy, protect the environment, protect the lives and property of the user so as to achieve mutual benefit.

vacuum cleaners ten brands list NO.2:LG

Korea LG group was founded in 1947 in the South Korean capital Seoul, located in Seoul city Yongdeng District No. 20 Yoido Dong pu. Annual sales of up to $82 billion 96 million (2008 data), the world currently has 170 thousand employees. It is an international enterprise group that leads the development of the world industry. LG group has established more than and 300 overseas offices in 171 countries and regions. Covering six areas of chemical energy, electrical and electronic, mechanical metal, trade services, finance and public welfare undertakings, sports and other fields. LG electronics is the largest subsidiary of LG group.

vacuum cleaners ten brands list NO.3: Panasonic


as one of the leading global electronics manufacturers, in order to achieve the spread of the network society "and" coexistence with the global environment "for the enterprise vision, from the audio and video equipment to the information and communication tools, from household appliances to components in a wide range of areas in time for you to provide high-tech environmental protection products, make your life become more rich and colorful. Panasonic always adhere to the creation of customer value, for customers to feel at ease, safe, comfortable, convenient experience.

vacuum cleaners ten brands list NO.4: PHILPS

PHILPS, one of the world’s largest electronics companies, was founded in 1891 in Holland, the main production of lighting, household appliances, medical systems. PHILPS has now grown into a large multinational company in 2007

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