Harbin vigorously develop tourism by means of ice and snow

Harbin vigorously develop tourism by means of ice and snow

said the northeast, people will be attracted to the northeast to Harbin is also a world of ice and snow, so, how to let the people in a world of ice and snow can earn enough money? Heilongjiang City, the relevant departments to create a snow tourism routes, will be more efficient use of resources to form their own characteristics.

tourism as an important part of modern service industry, tourism resources, cultural relics richly endowed by nature snow landscape, industrial sites and national characteristics, provide adequate protection for the development of the tourism industry in Northeast china.

Spring Festival this year, North South cold shangxue, become a new fashion of tourism. The snow is nature’s bounty, snow and ice resources are the most unique in Heilongjiang, operating system and mechanism in economic development and profound changes, but also provides a reference path for the restructuring and revitalization of northeast economy.

in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin forest, used "Chaihe Forestry Satellite Forest Cat winter", this is a be in full swing scene. Pickled sauerkraut good, clean the room, bedding are new, tourists have come tomorrow. Chaihe Forestry Bureau Weihushan sesson just opened the family hotel scenic boss Long Xiufang received an appointment:

Long Xiufang: are generally south tourists, lived here for a night, shooting and climbing, home stew, wild vegetables, spring picking processing Pickled, they come with mixed stew, some people are willing to live in the big Kang, a triple, four men, they all love the kang.

2014 in Harbin state-owned forest full cessation of commercial logging, and Long Xiufang could not like their parents Kaoshanchishan. From that time, the rise of Weihushan sesson tourism, Long Xiufang family hotel every winter to give her thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan of revenue.

now with the prosperity of tourism, more and more tourists came to Harbin, will be attracted by its a world of ice and snow scenery in the north, but also stimulating the development of tourism economy in Heilongjiang Province, so that more people from the tourism industry to earn more money, get the praise of the broad masses of the people.

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