What needs to be done to pull noodle

What needs to be done to pull noodle

What a Hand-Pulled Noodle museum need to open

? Don’t just need a Hand-Pulled Noodle master, a small kitchen, a few tables will be enough? Want to Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum opened and the other home, little not carefully prepared early, then open a Hand-Pulled Noodle museum will need to be prepared for what?

kitchen equipment: cooking stove, noodle soup, fried small kitchen stove, four door refrigerator, cupboard, dressing table, cut with Taiwan, sink, baidunzi knives, pot and cooking utensils, pots and other stainless steel seasoning cylinder.

front office equipment: lobby chairs, chopsticks, sauce pot, chili oil cans, tissue boxes, bowls etc..

in the preparation of these infrastructure, entrepreneurs also consider store decoration and decoration, the following are some store decoration tips:

1. to have advertising effect, to give consumers as much as possible visual stimulation.

2. decoration should be combined with the characteristics of the goods to lenovo.

3. lighting the best choice of soft and elegant lamps, so that the dishes look more attractive and attractive, enhance customer appetite.


4. system is very easy to warm color, such as red, yellow and other colors, which is more suitable for young class shops.

Design of light source

5. neon overlooking the general should be monochromatic and excitant strong red, green, white, bright highlight simple, eye-catching, shaped to a large, simple pattern, with the dynamic structure of the font, you can receive better results;

6. seat comfort decision table rate, the size of the impact of audio flow rate".

7. uniforms should be neat, generous, calm, classic

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