Shop to do business must give more benefits to customers

Shop to do business must give more benefits to customers

is known to all, some big brands to carry out promotional activities tend to have a lot of gifts, and many of the retail store owners will be privately deducted gifts. In fact, if the owner can give these benefits to customers, may be of great help to the development of the store business.

"Xiang Sheng" chicken promotion, ten pieces of chicken donated ten boxes of twenty pieces of glass, a "electric pressure cooker of a beauty". Awesome activities, I ordered a one-time twenty pieces of chicken. When the clerk to the electric pressure cooker is taken into the store, I told the clerk advised him to consult the electric pressure cooker for twenty boxes of glass. The clerk was somewhat puzzled, put the electric pressure cooker not brand, but to the ordinary water glass? I smiled and did not say what was its own abacus.

salesman left, I have vacated the most conspicuous shop at the entrance to the supermarket shelves, "Xiang Sheng" and the braised chicken braised chicken over with cup taped for sale, of course the cup are complimentary to the customer.

in the finishing process, there are customers in the purchase of other goods, to sell me this "braised chicken" gifts "Cup" promotions interest. Some customers in the store all sorts of gossip open discussion, Zhang said: "I was home to the guests, in the vicinity of the store did not give the cup chicken?"


side of the wife Wang also cried: "I back home a few days ago to buy a few braised chicken in another shop, no gifts, no owner keep yourself with it?" I pointed to the goods left to the customer, said: "the amount is limited, do not miss a good opportunity Oh, buy a few take home." Some customers also feel very cost-effective, each bought a few braised chicken, and the cup free home.

those who buy braised chicken with gifts with friends and relatives of customer word of mouth, a lot of customers away from other stores, went straight to my "Xiang Sheng" braised chicken to 35 days, twenty boxes of chicken were sold out.


activity is not over, I to the clerk call, tell him to take twenty pieces of chicken. The clerk asked how I arrived, sell so quickly, my own promotions said to him, after he listens, zhikua I clever, will do business, and promise to sell enough for fifty, and he also gave me a "beauty" of electric pressure cooker.

now the information is very developed, even in the short term the store can be a number of gifts buckle, but the long-term development of the customer will certainly be clear, and then the impact on the development of the store business. So, let the consumer get the benefits of these free cups for me to do a live advertisement. At the same time, I also earned a bowl full of pots.

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