How to deal with customer disputes

How to deal with customer disputes

as long as it is a place where people get along with each other, there will be almost all kinds of disputes, if handled properly, this contradiction will always exist, for the handling of interpersonal relationships will be very inappropriate. For the shop, it is the operation of the store will have a very negative impact. As a retail operator, when dealing with customers, it is difficult to avoid some of these disputes, because customers have different personalities. Sometimes encounter savage and absurd customers; sometimes meet customers for various reasons quibble……

, for example, some customers buy goods due to their own reasons of damage but let the owner take responsibility; some customers buy goods after a few days to come to the wrong change; some customers in another shop to buy goods in our shop have insisted that the buy; and customers because of its cold, so taste of cigarette smoking to stay up late taste feel different and come in trouble; and where the customer to mad…… To tell the truth, when the owner encountered such customers, really feel a headache, but no matter what the trouble will eventually be resolved.

as a retail store owner, I think no matter what happened, we must frankly face, calm and deal with the euphemism is sensible, never go. Otherwise, it will only affect the reputation of the shop, leaving a bad impact on the customer, thereby losing the source. So, when we have a dispute with the customer how to deal with it? I invited several retailers to the owner about how they cope!

bamboo town, Yichun, the owner of the retail business Zhang boss age: 15 years


my store for more than ten years, have seen a lot of customers of every hue, of course, show common customers or the majority, but some customers do not speak the truth, meet this kind of customer is really a bit tricky. Of course, sometimes encounter difficult customer requirements, as long as it is not too much, or just a small loss, I will try to meet them. As a businessman, only a little low-key, wronged by the point by Business Flourishes also can be a good way.

For example,

one of my regular customers in my shop to buy two packs of cigarettes and a box of white hard outfit Mengniu yogurt, I received a total of 45 yuan to him, for he is a hundred dollar bill, and then gave him 55 yuan. Who knows, after about a week, the customer’s wife to the town market into my store, poker-faced said that her lover in my shop I found him less 10 yuan of money to buy things. I was very surprised, in my mind no less money to him, he may be mistaken or other causes of failure. Or if the wrong money will immediately come back to ask a understand, why after so long time!

then I smiled replied: "is it true? I don’t feel a bit of an impression

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