2012 start rich golden ideas

2012 start rich golden ideas

2012 is coming, a lot of people who want to start the business must aim at the time, 2011 did not do a good job of entrepreneurship pro, you should pay attention to the idea of a good 2012. As the saying goes, forearmed nopreparation, full network five 2012 ideas DEDECATES was, for your 2012 entrepreneurial success escort.

Kin Kin collagen http://s.shang360.com/item/26221/

Jian Tong collagen

up to more than 5 strict quality inspection, closed aseptic operation

high absorption: about 1500 Dalton molecular weight sea hall collagen the most appropriate body absorption, absorption rate is 3 times that of ordinary collagen.

high nutrition: amino acid, vitamin rich sea hall collagen required by the human body, calcium iron zinc selenium and other minerals and trace elements, more healthy nutrition.

Italy Meike car

"Italy Meike" energy saving and environmental protection, avoid scrubbing, saving time, saving manpower, improve efficiency, spanning ordinary chemical cleaning stage, into the super bio chemical cleaning stage, leading to fresh air cleaning products!

"meaning in non-contact Meike" cleaning the car surface, rich in surface material and wash wax composition, will be tough nano protective film, set cleaning, maintenance effect in one form in the body surface! With the Italy core technology, to a franchise mode strong market, Italy Meike launched it captured a large number of owners of heart, is to create a wealth of production line!

currently officially registered car decorative beauty repair factory more than 30 million, the channel scale has been formed! The number of consumers increased year by year, the industry scale is expanding, channel network coverage is greatly enhanced and the congenital advantage of power "Markor" market pull siege, "meaning Meike" is embodiment of wealth endorsement!

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