Beijing bike sharing is about to stop

Beijing bike sharing is about to stop

sharing bikes now appear in people’s side, to bring great convenience to people’s lives, so that the majority of people in Beijing feel that only spend a little money, you can enjoy the fun of cycling. From the beginning of January this year, 7 motorcycles, electric bicycles and other Xiaomi "electric bicycle sharing began in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places to launch.

, however, at present there are many restrictions on electric bicycles, electric bikes to share the emergence of a legitimate question raised. First look at Beijing, because they do not meet the Beijing city electric bicycle license standard, there are security risks, the traffic control department of Beijing recently "emergency stop electric bike sharing".

the traffic control department of Beijing according to reports from the public, the Beitucheng subway seized 50 vehicles "Xiaomi electric bicycle". After investigation, the vehicle does not comply with the Beijing city electric bicycle licensing standards, the road is illegal. The traffic control department of Beijing subsequently interviewed "Xiaomi electric bicycle" operation company responsible person, require the company to recover all the pilot launch vehicle.

"Xiaomi electric bicycle" said to have put the electric bicycle recycling. The motorcycle is only currently serving a formal test car, the vehicle is on the card, the card will be put into operation vehicle.

similar problems exist in other cities. In January this year, "7 motorcycles" landing in Shenzhen a day later, the traffic control department of Shenzhen city to the operating company responsible for the interview. Traffic police department said that 90% of the road in Shenzhen is not non motorized vehicles, not suitable for the development of motorcycles. Although the Shenzhen police said it would actively promote the development of shared management according to law, the use of electric bicycles, electric bicycle support sharing healthy and normative development, but how to solve the problem of legitimacy of the electric bicycle sharing is not clear.

because there are many difficulties in the management of the sharing of bicycles, in Beijing, a lot of cars without a license, the quality of the car will not be dangerous? City managers should adopt an open and inclusive attitude, through the adoption of compliance with the sharing of electric bikes to squeeze the market of substandard electric vehicles to eliminate more security risks.

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