Guangdong style wholesale business experience sharing

Guangdong style wholesale business experience sharing

style wholesale as the traditional high profit industry, deeply attracted more attention from investors, when more and more brand involvement, increased competition in the industry but also to the entire market development pattern of great changes, the traditional style of small wholesale shop is also facing more fierce market competition.

reporter visited several shops in the wholesale stationery market, found that each store in the stationery and office supplies are relatively complete, the product is not much difference, the key difference is the price level.

in the vicinity of Mr. Lin shop has a style wholesale store, the clerk told reporters that the price of their stationery shop may be the highest in the market. Come to our store customers are generally some companies, they come to look at the bulk of the heavy and appearance, so we shop in the purchase of targeted, for the texture and appearance of these two aspects of particular stress. Most types of wholesale shops have a fixed customer base, you can purchase according to customer preferences.

expand product price range

reporter also found that some of the wholesale price of goods in the style of the store is relatively large, such as a pen, from a few hair to eighteen yuan more than; basketball is as low as ten yuan, up to three, $four hundred. In the words of the owner, is to meet different customers with different grades.

, according to the owner revealed that a wide range of sporting goods, to be divided into good grades, uses and prices. Although this can attract more customers, but also on the size of the shop funds, procurement capacity has higher requirements. Not all of the shops have the ability to purchase a large number of high priced products, high priced products sold narrow, but also easy to cause the backlog. And so many varieties of stationery to sub grade and more demanding to purchase, very carefully. So in the supply part can be some of the more well-known, such as the Chinese brand pencil, hero ink, etc.. Other products to purchase.


of wealth

access threshold increased by

shop owner warned that the current style of wholesale profit margins become smaller and smaller, and the cost is getting higher and higher. Now starting to do this line, the starting point is relatively high, may be 80 thousand -10 million start-up capital. In addition, there will be a period of time to start the style of waiting period, there are certain requirements for the pressure, so there must be a certain amount of liquidity for turnover.

address selection is the key

compared to other ordinary investment shops, sports shops in the selection of more attention. The style of product users to copywriter and the students, so we should pay attention to the location of office buildings, office buildings and schools and so on, and is not recommended

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