Digital education to join the business prospects

Digital education to join the business prospects

new model can always cause people’s attention, especially with the people’s attention to the education industry, the industry has derived a lot of patterns, digital education is a new concept. Here is a detailed understanding of digital education is what?


is committed to the development of digital educational resources, education informatization construction and high-tech education product development of Guangdong three Academy Education Technology Co. Ltd., the first service as digital educational products Chinese join in enterprise, based on advanced educational concepts, learn the essence of traditional education system, completion of the construction of digital resources for basic education, preschool education resources Chinese international education resources, and related platform, promote the education reform Chinese. The brand has launched a franchise model three Academy "YY, YY bags, computer learning through learning (Teaching), tablet computer touch smart TV, and children’s reading series" brand project.

will contribute to the quick start two or three class market, the local franchisee is keen on brand education institutions cooperation, enhance their brand image, build the core competitiveness in the local.

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