June snow pot can be given to support what projects

June snow pot can be given to support what projects

hot pot restaurant fame also led to the development of a number of food and beverage brands, such as dry pot, cooking dishes, such as hot pot brands are also widely praised by consumers. Take the dry pot, many of its well-known brands, in June the snow dry pot performance is more outstanding.

June is the name of the dry pot with respect to the hot pot. Hot pot soup, in order to adapt to all kinds of raw materials and Shabu; June snow dry pot soup is relatively small, generally as dishes directly on the table to eat. The first snow in June is in the form of dry pot dishes in the kitchen to the dish, into the pot on the table to eat.

in order to avoid the impact of the taste of the dishes after cooling, the use of small fire heating insulation, and shovel shovel with wood, to prevent sticky pot. Later, June snow dry pot gradually evolved into the main material after eating, and then use the remaining soup (or soup) hot food or other raw materials by adding other raw materials after a good cook food.

in June, how do you do? Which projects can be supported?

June snow pot join support introduction:

On June,

1 snow dry pot fragrant Sauce Recipe:

fragrant sauce is spicy and hot dry June snow making one of the core of the pot, but also the production of masterbatch all June snow dry pot products, its production method need special attention, three kinds of raw materials made of fine. Fragrant sauce made after 7 days after use. If the fragrant sauce is prepared, do not use 7 days, the quality of the scent will fail, so make the June snow dry pot will taste sour, spicy sauce, storage time and transportation time is not more than 7 days, the general production of fragrant sauce on a weekly production of two times better.

2, teach the June snow dry pot hot oil recipe technology:

June snow pot hot oil is one of the core of the production of dry snow in June, one of the core of its production methods are particularly stress, need to be completed by 5 procedures. In June, after the production of dry hot pot of hot oil, the longer the better.

3, teach the June snow dry pot brine bag secret recipe and production technology:

June snow dry pot brine package is the processing of snow in the dry pot products in June, an indispensable material, its ingredients up to more than and 20.

4, teach the June snow dry pot frying method technology:

June snow dry pot after training, you will more than three core technology and formula, can produce their own N in June and June snow snow dry pot products dry pot flavor, frying process is the product assembly; above three core technology and core secret formula is any June snow dry pot products processing that must be mastered.

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