Select a good choice of quality life

Select a good choice of quality life

Caffe Pascucci (Paz Kuqi) coffee? In the delicious market, not only has a high popularity, joining the Caffe Pascucci (Paz Kuqi) coffee project, is still very attractive choice. Join Caffe Pascucci (Paz Kuqi) coffee, you are not very exciting?

Caffe Pascucci (Paz Kuqi) to join the coffee to make money?

Caffe Pascucci is a century old coffee brand in Italy, is the essence of espresso coffee! Here, espresso — the spirit of Espresso’s taste is very rich, has obvious caramel and smoke, many consumers on their praise! "Espresso is one of the main characteristics of the taste is quite stable, the formula has been used in our store has been used for decades, many customers also drink a few decades. Many customers and baristas often because it attached to a cup of coffee, and even become acquaintances friends." Caffe Pascucci official said, now, with the increasing number of overseas stores and franchisees, this formula is also used to these stores, and praised by local consumers! The stability of coffee quality is not only our solemn promise to consumers, but also the principle of global standardization management."

Caffe Pascucci (Paz Kuqi) currently has more than 1500 stores in the world, and in 2014 by the introduction of Chinese dephone holding group. At present in the country has opened Beijing sipurui Adams outlets, Beijing Bao Yuan International Shopping Center store, Shandong Ji’nan bookstore shop. If consumers want to feel the charm of authentic coffee, come to the store and order a Espresso! If you feel the taste is too bitter, can try to sign the latte is made with Espresso as substrate, adding a little milk and sugar, the aroma of coffee in lingering tongue! Handmade Lahua milk froth is wet thin, Lahua layering the foot, leaves, heart-shaped, swan shape also makes a regular cup of coffee a few more interesting!

delicious coffee, is the best choice for our quality of life. High quality delicious, Caffe Pascucci (Paz Kuqi) coffee to join the project to attract the attention of consumers, to attract the attention of franchisees. So, what are you hesitating about?

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