Deng Mingshan readme entrepreneurial experience is the opportunity to get rich game

Deng Mingshan readme entrepreneurial experience is the opportunity to get rich game

There are many factors in

‘s successful entrepreneurship, there are subjective, there are considerable reasons. And timing, in order to achieve the goal of wealth. Some people always follow the footsteps of others, so do not always the most successful leader. Deng Mingshan readme entrepreneurial experience, the opportunity is a person’s choice, but also one of the main factors of entrepreneurial success. Here’s the rule of success:

The first rule of

: when you are crazy to hot industry, we might as well do a calm spectator, quietly to popular attack, often there will be unexpected harvest. Tianjing can be said to be a project, the most representative Deng Mingshan in the Department of Creative Industry Park in fact, founder Deng Mingshan approached a creative project in the first time, very few domestic market, while the static painting traditional plane has become very boring, representing the dynamic, three-dimensional panorama extrameridian it will be a trend. So it’s a great opportunity to cut into this new area.

2011 3 months of Creative Industry Park and Peking University jointly, Geely University, West China University, Tsinghua University and other universities to discuss the establishment of successful entrepreneurship courses, and in the Department of Creative Industry Park set up for the multi university entrepreneurship training base. The same year, Deng Mingshan and Chinese poverty alleviation and Development Association founded " Chinese employment assistance fund, launched Chinese " employment assistance project aims to help more a person with breadth of vision achieve success in business or re employment dream, is committed to the dissemination of public culture, build a public service platform, to promote the development of public welfare undertakings.

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