Chengde to increase investment and promote the development of green economy

Chengde to increase investment and promote the development of green economy

now the green industry and green industry can be said to have received a lot of attention, and in many city are also in the advocate of green industry and industry, recently, Chengde city will vigorously develop the green industry to make decisions.

on Beijing investment focused effort to open investment. Seize the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development strategy of great opportunities, positive for the Beijing "small groups, point to point" investment, organization of the county, municipal departments to carry out outreach activities, visit the docking of the Ministry of Commerce, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and other ministries, the central enterprises, private enterprises in Beijing, some more than 120 customers, and to Beijing Yi Meng group, Beijing Chengde chamber of Commerce, Potier environment group, international research center of Beijing Jiaotong University, information theory and technology of the Ministry of Commerce Chinese international e-commerce center to achieve cooperation, signed a total of photovoltaic power plant construction, comprehensive utilization of tailings, green energy building materials building integration of 32 cooperation agreements, the intention to invest 18 billion 300 million yuan, reached more than 60 cooperation, covering many fields of high technology, equipment manufacturing and tourism services.

on South Korea to open the key to expand investment. Seize the country and South Korea signed the FTA opportunities, and actively promote cooperation with South Korea Leaders Association, the organization of enterprises and departments has 6 and South Korea Leaders Association matchmaking, contributed to the Chengde municipal government and South Korea Leaders Association signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, signed a letter of intent to import 6 letter of intent, exit 1, cooperation matters 6 in Chengde, the construction of "Fuji Xuan" Korea Pavilion, Chengde Korea Industrial Park, import and export trade, the introduction of agricultural technology, agricultural products processing, cultural tourism exchanges, education and medical fields to carry out pragmatic cooperation.

in the entire investment activities, the entire city of Chengde also has a lot of financing activities, and also many large enterprises and institutions made the relations of cooperation, will bring opportunities to the local green economy.


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