How to develop ecological recycling agriculture in Panzhihua

How to develop ecological recycling agriculture in Panzhihua

in the process of rapid economic development, our industry and related science and technology industry, have made remarkable progress. However, agriculture is the root of human existence, and it is also necessary to promote the modernization of agriculture! So, in the face of the current status of agriculture, Panzhihua how to develop ecological recycling agriculture?

(1) highlight the priority reduction, promote agricultural cleaner production. Promotion of sprinkler irrigation, drip tube, solar energy, green control technology, reduce agricultural water and electricity use, the development of resource saving agriculture, at present, the city’s water-saving irrigation area of 260 thousand mu (total production area of 23% years), more than 20 acres of green control (accounting for 18% of the total area), built solar pumping station 31, the total installed 1452 kw.

(2) highlight recycling, promote agricultural waste recycling. Considering the planting environment assimilativecapacity in Yanbian County Yongxing town to carry out pilot work to create a combination of planting and breeding cycle of agriculture. Promote large-scale livestock and poultry breeding, biogas production and other development models, the establishment of large-scale farming district 82, biogas digesters, 88 thousand. Promote straw returning, energy, and feed technology, the city’s comprehensive utilization rate of straw reached more than 60%.

(3) with outstanding land, promote the protection and improve the quality of cultivated land. The implementation of soil testing and fertilizer, the implementation of the "rice vegetable rotation model, further cultivate soil fertility, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of land, the annual promotion fertilization of 600 thousand acres, the implementation of the" 130 thousand acres of rice vegetable rotation.

reported by the above we can see that Panzhihua in the development of agriculture on the road, take three main measures are: reduction of outstanding priority, promote agricultural cleaner production; stress reducing priority, promote agricultural cleaner production; outstanding combination of land, promote the protection and improve the quality of cultivated land. I hope that the future of Panzhihua’s agricultural economy in this three prominent three advance strategy, can be considerable development.

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