Top ten brands of travel packages

Top ten brands of travel packages

is a simple travel, or because of business needs, in short, the travel package market has now had a very large demand, the market is also very much related brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of travel packages, which can help more consumers to choose the right package products.

bag ten brands list, DAPAI NO.1 DAPAI: the famous brand of Fujian Province, collection of bags product design / development / production and sales as one of the leading enterprises, brand luggage industry, DAPAI (China) ltd..

bag ten brands list NO.2, Adidas Adidas, Germany on 1948, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world famous brands, large multinational companies, ten large bags brand, Adidas Group Co. ltd..

bag ten brands list NO.3, Nike Nike: in 1972 the United States, sports leading brands, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of sports goods, a large multinational group, Nike sports (Chinese) Co. ltd..

bag ten brands list NO.4, Winpard Winpard: in 1988, professional engaged in luggage design / manufacturing company, the leading brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Winpard Industrial Co. ltd..

bag ten brands list NO.5, Oiwas Oiwas: bag ten brands, large modern bags group, China famous brand, one of the bags market leading brand, Oiwas Sports Goods Co. ltd..

bag ten brands list NO.6, WENGER Wenger in 1893: Switzerland, Swiss model manufacturing process, very well-known fashion travel equipment brand, Chinese agent: Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. experts.

bag ten brands list, Samsonite NO.7 Samsonite, founded in 1910, ten major Bag Brands, large multinational enterprises, specializing in product design, production enterprises, Samsonite International Trade Co. ltd..

bag ten brands list NO.8, Lining Lining: one of the most competitive sports brand Chinese, international well-known sports brand, large outdoor sports equipment provider, Lining (China) sports goods co..

travel packages ten brands NO.9, the United States brigade AmericanTourister: Samsonite, founded in the United States, nearly a long history of eighty years, to the high quality of products favored by Samsonite

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