Decrypt ten profiteering industry for the first time why 300% glasses industry profits

Decrypt ten profiteering industry for the first time why 300% glasses industry profits


believe that everyone around, there is no lack of "four eyes" small partners, so, glasses become essential items. Many people have heard of such a jingle: "30 frames, 300 yuan sell you speak out, 400 yuan to sell you are talking about friendship, 500 yuan to sell you the market", the profit space is remarkable. 2002 onwards, the media launched the ten annual profit ranking industry, the glasses industry on the list for the four time. Glasses industry in the end how much profit?

A, contact lenses: the data show that people with myopia wear contact lenses of about 30%, with corrective lenses, color contact lenses, has the beauty of the variety, a person may have a few pay contact lenses, contact lenses and the damage rate is very high, the replacement is high frequency, market demand very large.

B, myopia: China currently has more than 360 million of myopia population, of which the proportion of high myopia students. The incidence of myopia in our country has risen from fourth in 1998 to the world in 2000 by the year of second. Pupil myopia rate of 34.17%, junior high school students myopia rate of 54.96%, high school students myopia rate of 80.36%, while college graduates up to 87.67%. Under 13 years of age, the average refractive index of young children was increased by an average of about 125 years, and nearly 80% of primary and middle school students had different degrees of visual fatigue. Myopia is showing a trend of increasingly younger age, glasses market demand will be more and more.

C, Sunglasses: sunglasses for all consumers. According to expert estimates, eyes consume 1/4 of the energy of human body, and the harmful ultraviolet light interference and light on all unnecessary, often destroy the optic nerve and retina causing vision loss, based on the above reasons, consumers have to wear sunglasses is not only a form of the pursuit of fashion, but also a need to protect eyes. It is estimated that the replacement frequency of urban residents is about once every 3-4 years, the city is about once every 2-2.5 years. China now has a population of more than 300 million people wearing glasses, if the annual replacement glasses, sunglasses market demand is very large.

D, presbyopic glasses with the standard of living in our country continue to improve, improve the level of development of medical and health care, the elderly live longer, the tendency of aging society. According to the change of normal vision of people, one to 40 years old, there will be a presbyopia phenomenon, need to wear reading glasses to help regulate eyesight. China has 3.2 million elderly people need with visible presbyopic glasses, presbyopic glasses market can not be ignored.

project advantage

1.  unified and standardized management.

the parity glasses company headquarters realized from the purchase, production and sales of specialized, standardized, simple field work, to ensure product quality and service standards. Advanced project headquarters

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