How much does it cost to invest in a supermarket

How much does it cost to invest in a supermarket

supermarket makes our life more convenient, now whether in the city or in the countryside can see the shadow of the supermarket. Do you want to open a supermarket? So, how much does it cost to invest in a supermarket? Is it really impressive? Below, let’s go together on the quest.

, a cost estimate shop investment cheap supermarket:

1, the decoration and miscellaneous fees: 4000 yuan

2, the first purchase: 15000 yuan

3, join fee: 5000 yuan (if not join, this cost can be saved)


1, rent: 1500 yuan / month

2, employee wages: 2000 yuan / month

3, taxes and fees: 200 yuan / month

4, electricity: 300 yuan / month

three, estimated investment of cheap supermarket profit: (to keep turnover of 1000 yuan / day)

Net profit

four, if will take the following measures to get more income:

1) select more prosperous store location;

2) choose a larger area of the store;

3) into the new low-cost goods to attract customers;

4) contact with headquarters, engage in promotional activities.


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