The choice of business to open a noodle shop about Sirui thousand

The choice of business to open a noodle shop about Sirui thousand

2017 what kind of choice to join the project to make money? How about a thousand Sirui noodle shop? High quality food, always very attractive. For entrepreneurs who want to join the business, is a very good choice.

open a thousand Sirui noodle store?

1, owned factory, cost savings!

1000 Sirui headquarters has their own food production workshop, semi-finished products through distribution saves procurement, processing and other aspects of the cost, to maximize profits.

2, uniform ingredients, no chef


will Sirui secret recipe through the factory processed into semi-finished products, Sirui fast-food operation of thousands without money to hire a chef, let you worry and effort to save money. Quick meal.

3, intelligent operation, no fumes!

the whole production process to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional cooking fume, the use of intelligent equipment steaming, boiling, frying process, fully ensure the nutritional health of food and health of the production process.

4, transparent kitchen, ensure the health of


transparent kitchen so that the entire production process at a glance, eliminating the customer’s concerns about food hygiene. Diners to eat at ease and happy, naturally enough for you to turn back.

5, the entire store output, easy to copy!

company after many years of operation summed up a set of mature management experience, we will experience and technology to copy without reservation to you, reduce investment mistakes, reduce investment risk.

1000 Sirui noodle is good? For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very good choice. An open their own Sirui thousand noodle stores, in fact, is a very happy thing. So, are you ready?

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