Join the project introduced Maotai GE food

Join the project introduced Maotai GE food

do not know if you have bought the food eaten Xiangge sauce, their home cooked food must forget the taste of it, have not eaten people must be consumed once, will not regret it, not much to say here let us take a look familiar with the franchise brand Maotai Pavilion!

GE food chain store Maotai was founded in July 29, 2007, is a collection of professional and technical training, and joined the chain in one of the cooked meat products enterprises, the company mainly to serve the community and the entrepreneurial spirit is willing to strong a person of noble aspirations, the pursuit of quality service for the purpose, to do the most China clean cooked food as the goal in order to not add any illegal additives, as promised, to pay attention to the taste and pay more attention to health and health as a concept.

joined the project introduction: Maotai GE food

Ge cooked with 32 pure flavor of Maotai flavor Chinese herbal medicine Peru, will not add any illegal additives, the brine dishes, taste mellow and fragrant, color is bright red and bright, and not bad, fat but not greasy. The main products are six series: series of week coot, Juewei duck neck series, PigHead meat series, Roasted Chicken series, Lucai series, seafood series.


Ge since its establishment, the company after years of efforts and development, the production of various products have enjoyed a high reputation in the city, in the Laizhou area is now home to 5 outlets, more than 10 stores, and is constantly expanding, and plans to develop the national market in 2015, will Maotai Ge products all over the country around, let more people enjoy the delicious food that Maotai clean ge.

‘s purpose is: low fees, no flicker, no exaggeration, said to do, first study, free to eat and try to learn, satisfactory after the payment, no time limit, learn so far.

join advantage: its own 15 business outlets, operating ten years old, a test of the market, strong vitality.

cooked food with unique flavor, taste and not sticking to formalities mode of operation, together with a person with breadth of vision to create brilliant new career. Would like to join the message quickly!

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