Snack bar business plan and business strategy to do pre shop ready

Snack bar business plan and business strategy to do pre shop ready

now some special snack shop on society can be said to be very popular, at the same time, in some lots of gold open snack bar is often very profitable, so, in the fierce market competition, how to prepare a good restaurant?

Another important reason is

two, the investment budget

1,   technology investment 300 yuan (298 yuan,   correspondence) 2; equipment investment: A: 10 sets of desks and chairs 20 chairs, 10 tables, 1000 yuan; B: 5 deluxe Hot pot 250 yuan; C: D: Cooking 300 yuan; tableware 300 yuan; the billboard 150 yuan. Total of 2000 yuan. 3,   rent a house: 20 square meters room, the monthly rent of $1000 (county for the 500 yuan) by the quarter to pay rent of $3000. 4,   turnover: 700 yuan. The estimated total investment of 6000 yuan.

Analysis of


1,   bovine: daily sales of 80 pounds of flesh, (eat in the store and supermarket sales with to buy a home, the comprehensive cost (water), coal electricity rent) 300 yuan, the income of 600 yuan, profit of 300 yuan. 2,   beef Hot pot: 20 Hot pot every day (water content of beef and mutton, flesh of a donkey Hot pot per pot) 20 yuan -40 yuan, the lowest income is 400 yuan, the cost is 280 yuan, profit of 120 yuan. 3,   recommended

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