Milk powder bucket can also earn big money

Milk powder bucket can also earn big money

for the baby’s family, the milk bucket is not something strange, and often will be very much in place, a lot of people simply after the kids drank directly thrown out. In fact, the recovery of milk bucket but also to make money oh. Xiao Yu, Guangdong, engaged in the milk barrel recycling business has been three years. 2013 has just moved from Shanghai to Tianjin. He admitted that he is a novice in this area, far from the veteran revenue, but net profit a year still has three four hundred thousand yuan.

Xiao Yu said, in fact, recovery of empty milk barrel is a legitimate business, but if the operator from the crooked heart, then the business will bianwei.

first, the most profitable part of the business is the hands of the hands of empty milk bucket. The recovery of empty barrels of milk powder are basically fake milk powder or cottage brand manufacturers. But their purchase prices also increased year by year, the market price of an ordinary world brand – good children milk 200 yuan, domestic well-known brand milk powder barrel according to the "quality" the price of 30 yuan to 50 yuan.

these milk cans for me, the purchase price may be one or two yuan, if sold milk producers, at least I can earn a few times profits. As for the fake milk powder manufacturers, with real bottles of fake milk powder, and then sell, earn a higher profit. Many people think that the acquisition of these milk cans have to be some unscrupulous counterfeiters, in fact wrong, my main clients are some overseas purchasing providers, and even a lot of foreign manufacturers.

now because the purchase of foreign milk powder, for the purchasing business, so can not meet the market demand, for example, there is a Taobao shop called every month from Australia purchasing 20 thousand cans of milk powder, want to know now Australia only allows everyone to a maximum of 2 cans of milk to buy, how to buy 20 thousand cans? In fact, it is false, from the hands of our recycling business to buy empty milk cans, and then the domestic cheap milk powder into a sealed package can be sold. If it is not the industry simply can not see.


deal for our people waste recycling, is legitimate, I am poor when recovery, for the user to buy to go in the end what to do, I know, but can not say that, overall, this is a gray business.


is sold to the garbage disposal plant. I also cans of milk powder metal products, to be more valuable than a lot of waste electrical appliances. Now this link can bring me a few thousand dollars a month profit.

what kind of business can benefit of small, a business that is not the real good business? In fact, such a grey area business still has a very good market in the current market. It can create the profit is also very surprised to recommend

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