Open the fresh tea bar How much investment

Open the fresh tea bar How much investment

fresh tea now? How much money do you need to invest? Now a variety of fashion tea bar, fresh tea as a relatively wide audience, its investment prospects are very good. If you want to invest in this industry, first of all need to figure out the prospects for good, investment costs is probably how much.

flower tea with skin care function, can be said to be designed specifically for women. With people’s attention and love of green health food, colorful, fragrant ooze flowers tea will guide the new fashion of tea consumption, and quickly turned to mass consumption. But in most areas of our country, the market is still an untapped virgin".

at opening must be marketing propaganda work, especially to introduce customers to clear all kinds of flower tea, fruit tea, in order to guide the correct choice of customers for their tea and drinking. More carefully to create a romantic atmosphere, in order to allow customers to feel the love of top grade tea.

: cost budget

decoration yet elegant modern (5000 yuan);

flower tea if daily business 14 hours, according to 2 yuan, 3 yuan per cup, 5 yuan prices, the average per cup can profit 1 to 1.5 yuan, if sold 200 fresh tea cup, then the daily turnover of up to at least 200 yuan to 250 yuan, monthly income 6000 yuan to 7500 yuan.

management reference:

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