What are the experiences of successful entrepreneurs

What are the experiences of successful entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs first cannot see the money is too heavy, do not go to the fantasy of how the entrepreneurship for the project and flourishes, wrong thinking will not have good results. Entrepreneurship should be slow, is the need to slowly boil things. So what are the experiences of those who are successful in business?


venture to find the right person, not necessarily looking for the most successful people. If I ma can start a business success, then 80% of young people can also venture success. Entrepreneurs are the greatest happiness lies in the entrepreneurial process to learn, to enhance. All entrepreneurs should spend more time to learn how others fail, because there are thousands of reasons for success, the reasons for the failure of one or two points.

venture onto the road before you try to clear three meanings, first, the prospect of the industry project can not make money? How much? Do a leading technology, but may not be able to make money. Second, some threshold can go past the first Lenovo? Choose to do card, inserted on someone’s computer to sell. There is no direct computer, because there is no independent computer strength. Third, there is no clear competitor? Sometimes project is good, but the competition is too strong, their projects too burn, entrepreneurs may not wait to win lose.

start to focus enough information, all successful companies can do is small, as a business of any person, to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, understand the market, always have to answer a question, what did you do to solve the problem of the product, what, in the face of what kind of user, to the user to create what value.

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