Seniors leave in March to participate in dozens of business competition

Seniors leave in March to participate in dozens of business competition

what will you do when you are older? Most people are certainly there are remain in a proper sphere of school, do not take the unusual way. There is a 90 senior very arrogant, before graduation has become the design director, and set up industry. This time, he was asked to take part in a number of games in March to participate in the competition.

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for work, or have confidence in Du Haoyu. In terms of employment, he had experience in a 4A advertising company. In addition, he has been the company’s design director, and in various entrepreneurship contest won many awards.

Du Haoyu for entrepreneurship competition, north to Liaoning, South to Guangzhou, east to Tianjin, west of Xi’an, which has already let him busy.

if is school led, because the funds are enough, Du Haoyu’s team will usually have 3 people to. Some schools do not participate in the game, because only one person can be reimbursed, the Du Haoyu team will be more than one person to go. As entrepreneurial team, they are still serious lack of money.

Du Haoyu on the entrepreneurial game content itself is not interested, I am not to play games, these games do not have much effect on entrepreneurial company, I am going to learn things."   Du Haoyu is not an addiction to the game, but the resources there, is a social and learning occasion.

for entrepreneurial team, how quickly to advertise themselves out is an important thing, let more people know their own means more potential customers.

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