Three tricks of cigarette sales high introduction

Three tricks of cigarette sales high introduction

constantly complained that cigarettes are not good sales, profit is not easy to earn. In fact, if you can grasp the relevant skills, cigarettes can quickly create higher sales. My shop is located in the northern part of Jiangsu County, Haian Province, where all kinds of shops more intense competition. Today, cigarette sales store ranking, mainly because I have three "".

first recruit: flexible recommendation, good service. To sell cigarette, I have a detailed understanding of the cigarette category, flue gas, tar, raw materials, packaging and other information, be aware of. At the same time, I will subdivide the customer base, in view of its to the price, the flavor and so on the demand, the flexibility to recommend different cigarettes to different customers.

, for example, some customers like the smoke flat, I recommend it to low tar cigarettes. In addition, I also further optimize the service. Some customers buy cigarettes is used to give free, I will do the packing for them; some customers to order smoke, I will be free for the delivery. These emotional investment, but also for me to add a lot of repeat customers.

second strokes: rich varieties, stable prices. Because of fear of damage to cigarettes, a lot of people do not want to display too many varieties in the cigarette cabinet, in fact, it is easy to let customers think you do not operate well, even the goods are not fully. In the process of placing cigarettes, I always strive to enrich the variety, so that three-dimensional display, the amount of adequate placement, so that customers have a sense of trust. At the same time, I adhere to the guidance of the sales price, to maintain the stability of the price, which is easier to win the trust of customers.

third: collect information, take the initiative. In order to get more business opportunities, I often ask friends and relatives to help find out who is going to treat, to understand the price and quantity of cigarettes they need, take the initiative to deliver. According to our local customs, many people do love wedding with red packaging cigarette or take Xizi cigarette, I according to its economic strength, will focus on the promotion of "Chinese", "double happiness". In addition, I often go to the shop near the construction site to walk, chat with the workers, to understand what they come from, thereby increasing the amount of cigarettes produced in the province of the order, the result is very good.

Whether the

cigarette can better sell out, this is not the owner waiting for customers can do, also need the owners can take the initiative to provide more quality and good services to their customers on the basis of mastering more skills, so that it can really create higher sales, to create a higher cigarette profit.

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