Yinchuan seventh work measures warm passenger journey

Yinchuan seventh work measures warm passenger journey

in accordance with the provisions of statutory holidays, the seventh is the majority of workers to work day, so many people will start to work at sixth city. Sixth day of the lunar new year, the Spring Festival holiday on the last day, the Lanzhou Railway Bureau Yinchuan passenger section of the train also ushered in a small peak passenger return after the holiday. The same day the amount of passenger traffic exceeded fifty thousand people. Passenger to take a number of measures to make the journey a warm passenger, passengers go out in the outside can also get better care and care!

new line of Lanzhou Chongqing Railway on the Chengdu to k2616/7, Minxian to Chengdu k2618/5 train also ushered in the peak passenger flow return, Qinba mountain people running because of this train, feel particularly convenient to travel during the Spring Festival this year. Whether it is home to the New Year Festival or festival to work units, seven or eight hours drive both convenient and full of warmth!

in order to ensure safety, this paragraph has increased the intensity of the cadres to take the package classes, and seriously organize passenger drop, strict implementation of the safety rules and regulations. In the train car door, windshield connection and ladder easily slips out of place the anti-skid pad and strengthen safety awareness, remind the passengers to get off to raise safety awareness, steady go slow. Train staff self-directed and performed "safety publicity program" and other safety mouth oral Allegro is novel and unique, user-friendly active safety publicity for the passengers in the carriage.

for the return of students and more specifically the passengers, the train is still open "safety class" for students, travelers to explain safety matters, also make travel safety tips to visit students comic lively style, will travel safety knowledge imperceptibly ground to the hearts of the children, played a good the effect of education.

Yinchuan to Shanghai K1331 train also set up a "bee" service team, the crew was pinned to the breast of cute cartoon face opening bee badge, like busy little bees active in the carriage for passengers, baggage handling, need help assist etc.. The train opened a long train service hotline WeChat service platform, passengers only need a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code you can log in WeChat service platform, you can query the train to open in time, passengers, along the big station transfer time, dining supply dishes and ordering service etc..

in order to allow the majority of passengers on the way to travel more comfortable, the Yinchuan brand enrich culture house, train travel assistant, mother hut, children’s playground, train, car, train the function of Yoga Carnival journey small secretary and other special services project, "Silk Road Inn – Ningxia" brand of car interior especially train the bar car was updated, equipped with a mobile phone, tablet computer assistant support for the passengers, charging small helper, Anti Snoring earplugs, waist pillow small intimate spare parts, to provide maximum more warm travel environment for passengers to return after the holiday.

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