Liquor dealers how to Fengeng wedding wealth

Liquor dealers how to Fengeng wedding wealth

believes that people across the country to participate in the wedding is another common saying: "drink wine," wine is the highlight of visible in the wedding. It is now the wedding season, so that the liquor market has entered the off-season consumption ushered in a small peak consumption.

now "Official business expenses" is limited, the high-end liquor market is shrinking, mass consumption has become the focus of attention of the liquor manufacturers. The wedding market as the most concentrated mass consumption, the most obvious manifestation of public consumption characteristics of the market with a single large consumption, brand driven, brand concentration, targeted marketing and other characteristics. As a result, the wedding market has become an important breakthrough in the dealer Nuggets mass consumption.

"the wedding wine, consumers tend to choose in the end product brand, cost-effective, such as this year’s Xifeng wine and wine packaging Festival, Wuliangye glory, splendour, wealth and rank, name auspicious and good taste, sell well." Hefei, a liquor dealer said.

Key points of promotional

1. quality is better, the price is reasonable. Liquor quality and price is the two major weapon sales, wedding wine with the face of the majority of ordinary consumer groups, the effect of word-of-mouth is far greater than the advertising effect.

2. find products in the wedding market promotions or promotional channels. Cooperation with the municipal civil affairs department is the best channel for wedding promotions. Enterprises can cooperate with the Civil Affairs Bureau, where the new marriage certificate, can bring wine or collar promotional cards, etc..

3. identify wedding market buyers. Married parents of young people, often elderly people buy wine, but alone away from parents outside, young people get married, buy liquor is often the young men find buy decision makers to determine what kind of communication form, take what forms of promotion.

4. promotion multiple choice. Can be combined with promotion and wedding company, may also be taken to buy liquor to send wine, beverage and candy to take the gift promotion, or buy a gift or buy a gift of two equivalent with the way.

5. master promotion time. General wedding is more concentrated in the holidays, such as 51, eleven days or so, control, promotional efforts should be based on the popularity of the products in the local market and regulate the degree of acceptance.

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