Coco Lee danchugetan reasons was unable to sing voice

Coco Lee danchugetan reasons was unable to sing voice

"4" so beautiful and sexy singer Coco Lee appeared in everyone’s sight, domineering rich performances so has great achievements. For more users before Coco Lee danchugetan reason is very curious, recently, Coco Lee finally revealed the reason.

however, in a recent interview, the years that Coco Lee accidentally exposed himself disappeared from mainstream stage, not only to "more with her husband and mother", is actually the sound problems, even once speak, so she afraid on the stage. Memories of this experience, Coco Lee due to injury and regret the absence of the Olympic Games since the ratio of Liu Xiang, said at the time also wanted to give up singing career. Fortunately, through continuous practice every day, the voice of the situation has been slowly restored, and better than before".


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