Bathroom brands have a big name awareness

Bathroom brands have a big name awareness

now people have a higher pursuit of quality of life, buy Bathroom products, has not only limited to the practical investigation, more is to look at the brand, the pursuit of taste. In the era of brand consumption, the importance of brand in the market competition is becoming more and more important. For sanitary enterprises, face many enemies at home and abroad should establish a "big consciousness", go Seiko quality route, to grasp the victory.

The establishment of

quality system to ensure quality formation

handmade is Bentley’s cultural tradition, since 1931, Bentley is still run by experienced craftsmen assembled by hand, these young artisans from the apprentice, after solid learning, after entering the workshop, life with Bentley company, is also the repairer craft by the perfect quality of be handed down from age to age, not thoroughly tempered concealer. Compared with modern production lines, Bentley’s production line is only 6 inches per minute, each car takes about 16 to 20 weeks to complete. The so-called slow, most cars process use the manual production and processing: from body welding, painting, assembly of power system and transmission system, built-in leather and wood processing and so on. When you see such a modern car products by experienced craftsmen a little welding, a screw, a millimeter at a manual correction is completed, will understand why Bentley will "end automobile brand" the pursuit of life in the world.

and China bathroom market to create excellent brand culture, characteristics of sanitary enterprises must grasp the quality of the products quality, handle the relationship between the quality of products with zero defects, the establishment of the system to ensure the quality of products form, lay the foundation for the formation of core competitiveness and create their own brand.

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