What should be paid attention to in retail purchasing

What should be paid attention to in retail purchasing

as long as the shop selling physical products, will certainly involve the procurement problem. Therefore, in this paper, we will discuss the issue of small and medium-sized supermarket procurement. At the beginning you do not have so much money, the first line of the supermarket just opened no support, conditions are very harsh. Just like the very beginning * * oil bullish, then our purchase from Guangzhou, now they come for us five times, we ignore it. We say that we are doing this right?

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supermarket management, focusing on the smooth flow of goods, each link can is unobstructed, regardless of the size of the supermarket should make the greatest efforts to reduce procurement costs, make the greatest efforts to think what customers think, make the greatest efforts to improve the market competitiveness of the sale of goods.

the product is good, the price is, the customer will come more, in order to achieve the sale of steel business situation, to earn money at the same time, to make fun of capital. The world is a retail purchase, a head of sales, our business is in the size of the East moved west to move in to earn family capital, we are seeking to supply the size of businesses in this always on the move, to make happy. Among them, the degree of hard work is bound to be natural and harvest results.

if the time is your own account, not counting his money account, that is to improve the relationship between the home and at the same time, to want to buy goods, the customer only love goods, can lead to the surrounding customers sought, in order to achieve the purpose of rich US tired. This is the one hundred years to do business if the customer respect parents, such as the old charity. The customer is our home, no home, natural move goods can not find the place. But the supplier is my home, if there is no other supplier, we are not the same as it would appear to make bricks without straw.

want to want to make a pot of rice, a good meal, then we need to give full play to the size of our respective strengths, give full play to their ability and cleverness can run away, run away, to approach, trying to purchase and variety, not afraid not afraid to travel extensively, slave purchase goods around the needs of customers, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of profit, this is a good supermarket purchase model, this is the supermarket management personnel should work together to face the problem.

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