Store management should pay attention to the image

Store management should pay attention to the image

now pay attention to the image, not only people need to pay attention to dress, shop also need to pay attention to dress. Is the so-called "people rely on clothes horse saddle", some people say "no ugly woman, only lazy woman." That’s right, the store is the same reason, there is no shop, only lazy owner." The owner needs to pay attention, in store image and product display the "hardware" of something, create a good shopping environment for customers, double coming, festive dress, comfortable environment and high quality service, is bound to provoke Everfount passenger.

small shop next door there is a tea shop in front of the decoration, the noise is not noisy, mainly too much dust, so that customers are far away. Small wear in order to prevent noise and dust, simply shut up half of the door, even if it is still noisy and dirty, which makes small wear distressed. The door was a bit worse, and business suddenly fell down. Small wear the responsibility to the whole next to the tea shop, but also mixed with a few people mouth, we are not so happy.

until recently, manager of a word to indicate the direction of the old Dai: "shut the door to do business, the dust on the counter does give the customer a bad impression, you will get more afraid of dust wipe does not have, why don’t you take this opportunity to take home a little whole a whole?" In his dream, he always wear his wife at home and figuring out how to book store, soon the liquor manufacturers active site free to produce numbers.

In addition to

house for a new face, there are cracks in the glass is replaced by the new home ground tile, dirty old and cleaned up without leaving any traces, the polished glass. The book spent nearly two weeks time, after loading the old worn at the door before the two pots of money tree, as auspicious, and beautify the environment.

completed a new paperback, shop to wear the old new hope, he said: "how not to be closed, even if the summer closed, we also hang a sign" air conditioning ", so I didn’t have the leisure business a clean sweep, a new look feel comfortable this is not smooth, the business soon recovered, and over time the next installed, there is no noise, I believe the business will be better."

even if there is no guarantee of the quality of the store, but if the store image can not be satisfied with the consumer, which will also affect the development of the store business. In short, the retail shop to shop for a new look is a good way to attract customers, the maintenance of the store environment in peacetime, every household in the daily operation of the household should pay attention to this point.

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