Xining Bureau of quality supervision to ensure food safety during the two

Xining Bureau of quality supervision to ensure food safety during the two

In order to do a good job next year’s new year’s day, during the spring festival food safety supervision, the Xining municipal quality and technical supervision since 20 this month, launched a special rectification action for a period of 60 days of food safety.The

department in Xining city in accordance with the law enforcement and supervision of food safety in our province to coordinate the relevant provisions of the system of coordination, mainly in dairy products, food additives, food festival and risk have been found in rural areas, focusing on selling food products, dairy products, wine, edible vegetable oil, chili products, additives and festivals, rural hot food production enterprises as the key enterprises in Xining City, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of key areas, in accordance with the inspection system to check, check, check the record field to implement and promote the rectification of the principle to carry out special rectification actions, and urge enterprises to earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, carry out self correction, a variety of food safety hazards investigation.

at the same time, the special rectification action focus on inspection of food production enterprises perform raw materials purchase acceptance, key points of the production process control, factory records, safety inspection system, staff training system, the implementation of accountability system test, and the grain and oil processing, dairy products, meat products, wine and two rural selling products to carry out supervision check, check for problems found, and urge enterprises to rectification in place; the ultra limited use of food additives, beyond the scope of the investigation; the use of non food raw materials, food processing, and resolutely revoke the production license, the transfer of the public security department, to ensure that the broad masses of the people spend a happy and peaceful festive. (author: Ma Juan)


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