Pay tribute to the festival, stick to the dedication to the festival, the stick

Pay tribute to the festival, stick to the dedication to the festival, the stick


Spring Festival, is the time pass, but also the soul of the inn. In this beautiful and peaceful moment, those who have arrived home, family reunion. And every year at this time, there are still some figures on the job busy, as the Spring Festival in the "stick", for the convenience of travel, more and more people for more people to 10000 reunion, to facilitate the work for more people to contribute their strength.

in order to a dream, a responsibility, one side of peace, Qinghai 720 thousand square kilometers of the earth’s corner of the plateau, all walks of life everywhere show a small home to care for everyone, stick who. Perhaps, a person’s strength is insignificant, but when each of the waves together, is struggling to build the three area, a comprehensive well-off, building a harmonious and beautiful Qinghai strong power.

the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Qinghai Daily reporter dispatched to traffic, the airport station, gas water conservancy and other industries and enterprises, and the daily lives of ordinary people, departments, workers to show style readers use the pen and camera, also expressed deep respect to every post workers, and say: "hard!" (author: Sun Hailing)


shop in the dumplings exceptionally sweet

New Year’s day at 7 in the morning, who lives in the North District of Xining city Wang Wenya let the gun, to the parents say hello to the new year, with his wife and daughter after a simple farewell out of the house, go to work units.

this is not king of elegant new year at home in sixth years, as the rear section of the branch Xining Special Steel Co bars long, he had no complaints: "our steel production and other enterprises are different, if open blast furnace is not to stop this, stop not only for the greater damage the most important will be a huge waste of energy."

said, Wang elegant has entered the console to observe the steel production line running, running at everything he looked soothing, told reporters: "steel prices continued to decline since last year, the economic development is difficult, the recent steel prices" rebound ", enterprises should seize the opportunity to seize the production, now we have a section day 800 tons of steel production, everyone wanted time to expand production capacity."

Wang Wenya is responsible for the rear section of the fine rod factory is the last step of the steel from raw materials to finished products to the market, the entire section of the production of a direct impact on the quality of finished products. The section of a total of 152 employees, during the spring festival full of 24 hours of class three classes of the work of the two.

Li Faxiu is the production period of days Turner, unlike other employees is that she is a female employee, at the age of more than and 30, she had a lovely child. The Spring Festival this year, she also did not accompany the son of the new year, she said: "although the Spring Festival is a family reunion, but the production jobs must be on duty, open crane is my work is my duty to try for the development of Qinghai and I am very proud of,;

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