Datong coal mine geological environment management is also beautiful scenery

Datong coal mine geological environment management is also beautiful scenery

Since the

Datong coal mine geological environment management demonstration project officially started construction this year, completed 100 million yuan investment project 85% of the annual plan, the former mining area came into the pit, mining, ore heaps, grassland and woodland into farmland and the formation of a wild profusion of vegetation today.

Datong coal mine is the earliest and the largest coal mine in our province, which provides the basic guarantee for the industrial and civil coal supply, and makes an important contribution to the economic and social development of the province. After a hundred years of mining, mining area surface subsidence, large scale buildings destroyed, farmland, abandoned coal mine collapse slag gangue pressure for land and other serious problems of mining geological environment, directly affect the production and life of the local people. In order to effectively solve the problem of mine geological environment, the Provincial Department of land and resources and the Provincial Department of finance to actively declare the central government special fund management, and in June 2012 approved by the Ministry of finance, Ministry of land and resources.

Qinghai Datong coal mine geological environment demonstration project budget total investment of 390 million yuan, plans from 2013 to 2015, to complete the comprehensive management of the area of 13.85 square kilometers in the past three years. In 2013, plans to complete the 6266.5 acres of flat land reclamation, disposal of waste slag and construction waste 10, construction diversion dam mouth 1, diversion channel (culvert) 1, 4 pumping stations, supporting irrigation system pressure pipe, dry pipe and branch pipe is about 7 kilometers, built irrigation regulation reservoir 8, built in field the road is 5 kilometers, the total area of 3508 acres of supporting irrigation system, a total of 13231 tree planting farmland protection forest. Up to now, more than 85% of the workload has been completed. (author: Kang Weihai Xing Manyu)

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