Two million people for test 504 recruitment

Two million people for test 504 recruitment

"Originally for the open recruitment of 517 staff registration after post transfers to recruit 504 people, the number of candidates to reach 21644 people, this is the self institutions open recruitment, recruitment of places, or whether the number of candidates is one of the largest, on an unprecedented scale." In April 14th, a reporter from the City Personnel Examination Center learned that Xining city belong to the society and institutions open recruitment of staff registration has ended, April 26th unified written examination, at present, before the preparatory work is being carried out.

according to reports, the Xining belongs to institutions open recruitment since March 30, 2015 to sign up to the end of April 3rd, enrollment reached more than 29000, the actual number of applicants after the audit of 21644. In accordance with the requirements of the announcement, the proportion of the 11 positions did not form a competition for the adjustment, which canceled the recruitment of 8 jobs, reducing the number of jobs in the recruitment of the number of candidates, the actual total cancellation of the recruitment plan of 13 people. From the examination situation, the average ratio of 43:1, the proportion of competition is also higher than ever before. During the evening news to follow up the recruitment work for the public to explain the recruitment of those things".

, human resources and social security bureau examination center responsible person told reporters that the recruitment is so concerned by the society, for such a large scale, because the recruitment is nationwide, the candidates are not the identity of geographical restrictions, wide recruitment. According to statistics, a total of 2609 people outside the province to apply for; at the same time, the recruitment itself is more, and some positions are not limited to professional, so the number of candidates more. As a result of a large scale, the city can not meet the school, the more than and 740 distribution of the examination room is more dispersed, may bring inconvenience to the majority of candidates. City personnel examination center orderly examination preparatory work at the same time, in accordance with the municipal government related personnel examination meeting documents arrangement, and strengthen the organization and coordination of the work of transportation, electric power, public security departments, provide the security services for the examination of public transportation, power supply and test order etc..

it is reported that the recruitment of public institutions unified written examination will be carried out in April 26th, a total of 67 papers involved in the professional, public knowledge and professional ability test in the morning, in the afternoon for professional examinations. 4 days before the exam, the majority of candidates can log in Xining personnel network or Kunlun talent network print ticket, and according to the examination site can be familiar with the examination room in advance.

staff in this reminder: the examination for the full closed, full screen, candidates are not allowed to exit early. The majority of candidates must bring the ID card and admission ticket, two card is complete before entering the examination room, while 2B pencils and other learning equipment to be ready. Due to the size of the examination, the examination room, the distance between the test sites, so candidates must see their own examination room. In addition, the extra points candidates need to go to the city people’s Social Council for additional audit.


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