Zhang Shoucheng members of the Commission to investigate the characteristics of the work of poverty

Zhang Shoucheng members of the Commission to investigate the characteristics of the work of poverty

recently, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Shoucheng rate part of the CPPCC National Committee members, went to Xining City, Huangzhong county characteristics of the work of poverty alleviation.


research group listened to the introduction of Xining city and Huangzhong county government on the development of special industries of poverty alleviation work, responsible comrades and relevant government departments, some leading enterprises and cooperatives carried out exchanges and discussions, in-depth medicine industry demonstration park, planting base of investigation.

Zhang Shoucheng said that the development of the characteristics of poverty alleviation is an important measure for the provincial government to implement accurate poverty alleviation. In recent years, Xining based on reality, bold exploration and practice, the selection of quasi industrial projects, the implementation of the poor village, a village a product industry to promote action, and achieved positive results.

Zhang Shoucheng stressed that poverty alleviation work should focus on six aspects of work. First, in the course of the development of guidance documents for special funds for poverty alleviation, we should give full consideration to the implementation of the grassroots level, so as to make the system more perfect. Two to strengthen the analysis and research, so that credit, taxation and other policies more pragmatic and efficient, close to the actual situation of poverty alleviation. Three to increase the strength of leveraging and absorbing social capital, reduce the risk of capital investment, to build a better financing platform for poverty alleviation. Four to develop a reasonable plan to help provide much-needed agricultural services. Fifth, guided by the market, encourage order type, contract type production, maximize the income of farmers. Six to continue to extend the industrial chain, increase added value, and strive to establish a dual benefit of the enterprise and the industrial management system.


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