The image of Qinghai postcard in the new year

The image of Qinghai postcard in the new year

The first round of new year popular Postcard

blessing said, pay postage postcards is dedicated to the new year issued printed Postcard postage. Chinese New Year postcards issued in November 20, 1981 for the first time, is loved by the people. Begin to bless Mr collection is that year, he said, from 1981 to 1990 issued a total of 10 set of 31 new year postcards. In the collection circle, the festive postcards issued during this period, known as the first round Zodiac new year postcards. After 1991 it changed Chinese post Lunar New Year (prizes) postage postcards, also referred to as free postage postcards, postage or tablets. In order to facilitate the collection and exchange, collectors will be in accordance with the method of compiling stamps, take "he" "piece" of the two characters of the Chinese pinyin initials H, P, they are compiled as "HP" series, still in use.

these pay the postage for a postcard printed on the front of people’s words, China postal postage chart, the address bar and other information, we appreciate is printed on the back of the beautiful picture. Wish Mr. love new year stamped piece is 1983 at the end of the 1 issue of 5 1984 Chinese New Year postcards.Figure

Qinghai elements into the postcard

blessing told us some postcards were printed postage, it is equivalent to the distribution system in the field of philately stamps, the stamps are regular varieties, which have attracted the attention of Mr. blessing Association, festive postcards with Qinghai, he said, 2005 is the year of the rooster, 2005 year new year prize Postcard epoch-making issued 31 pieces, China record at the time of the history of the largest set of new year prize Postcard records. In this new year postage Postcard postage positive map is a sing of the rooster, back are representatives from various provinces and autonomous regions nationwide sending their local characteristics of the works, twenty-ninth of them new year prize postcards from Qinghai is Caragana peony pattern design, the overall feeling happy, cheerful, plain Qinghai, with rich ethnic customs and Tu.According to Mr.

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