West six wheel and drive the practice of the mass line

West six wheel and drive the practice of the mass line

According to municipal Party committee "on the

in the city to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice implementation opinions" spirit, the west area of advance planning, quick action, solid progress, focus on "four through", to guide the region’s party members and cadres to establish the thought of "for the people" concept, to promote "pragmatic" work style, adherence to the "clean" change the style of discipline, in contact with the masses, in the service base to solve the problem, by strengthening the organization and leadership, earnestly organize the study and focus on research, develop inner-party democracy, change the style of work, strengthen the propaganda of "six wheel drive" and "the party’s mass line educational practice preparatory work made solid results.

strengthen organizational leadership,

prepares for educational practice "


adhere to the "work early deployment, early finding, early research, early build carrier" ideas, advance planning, the timely establishment of the leading group of educational practice, from institutions, the town (street) deployed 11 strong political thoughts and competent cadres set up educational practice office. Issued the west district party’s mass line educational practice pre implementation plan, in accordance with the focus of the work, the lead unit, the unit responsible for the completion of the time limit and decomposition, phased, step by step implementation. The various departments of the region have also developed a specific and practical measures in line with their own reality, the formation of the district party building leading group co-ordination, led the overall grasp of the various departments and units to implement the specific work network. The establishment of the progress of work, weekly inspection report, information reporting, accountability and other systems, providing institutional guarantee for the preparatory work of educational practice, to ensure that educational practice preparatory work and the work of the centre organically, do the "two correct, the two promotion".

serious organizational learning,

is the educational practice of an ample supply of food

attaches great importance to the ideological education of Party members and cadres, the "mass line", "the party’s mass line educational practice learning selected documents" and the party leaders of the party’s mass line important discuss as basic materials, organization of the center of the group members as ordinary Party members take the lead in learning. Give full play to the district center group of the "leading role", at the end of the Spring Festival holiday at the beginning, the organization leading cadres at county level were focused on learning, through special counseling, centralized organization, organization propaganda way of learning, to set an example and role model for the majority of Party members and cadres play. Leading cadres to carry out the "lectures" activities, and vigorously promote the theory of the essence of the party’s mass line activities. For the various departments of the purchase of specialized teaching materials related to the party’s mass line of educational practice, Party members and cadres adhere to focus on learning and self-study combined learning, modern distance education platform carrier through political, careful reading of the original text, talk about the experience, the theory and thought of dynamic and relative position relative to the actual work, and solve "four winds", to achieve the "learning" and "dry" and "knowledge" and "action" unity, solve the majority of Party members and cadres to improve the understanding of specific issues, to the implementation of the opposition";

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