Tourism should be rich in connotation and characteristics

Tourism should be rich in connotation and characteristics

The morning of July 10th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun went to Huangzhong County, the county tourism research work, municipal committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai, municipal committee, Huangzhong county Party Secretary Zhang Qiguang to travel together. Wang Jianjun stressed that Huangzhong county should adhere to the "big tourism, big market, big industry ideas, focus on the tourism function, gives the connotation of tourism, relying on the scenic construction, highlight the ecological and cultural landscape, enlarge the Kumbum Monastery brand effect, to further broaden the channels of farmers’ income, the tourism has become a pillar industry in Fumin county.

Wang Jianjun and his entourage inspected the Kumbum Monastery scenic area, Tibetan Culture Portal auditorium, Hehuang Museum, Lotus Lake hiking fitness leisure tourism theme park, eight lotus crafts exhibition sales center and Kumbum Monastery sun Knutsford square project, a detailed understanding of scenic spots "one axis, two, five, seven groups" the thought of the planning and construction, and the development and construction of the project, put forward specific requirements and how to make tourism resource protection.

Wang Jianjun stressed that the Kumbum Monastery is the famous Tibetan Buddhist shrine, also is the city’s tourism, a gilded signboard and the preferred destination of foreign tourists. To dig the cultural connotation, to promote and spread the culture of tourism, to enhance the quality of cultural scenic spots, enhance the attractiveness, influence and competitiveness, and promote the cultural industry and tourism industry, the depth of integration. To focus on the creative lead, based on high-end boutique, accurately grasp the regional characteristics and folk characteristics for different tourist groups to the tourism product selection and diversification demand, scarcity and uniqueness of the tourism resources, the integration of traditional culture elements, allowing visitors to feel the mysterious religious atmosphere, provide interactive tourism projects for tourists. Should be with the market oriented, good scientific tourism resources planning packaging, strengthen the tourism product market research and development, continue to extend the tourism industry chain, improve the added value of tourism, to provide more jobs, create more tourism income, tourism industry to achieve better and faster development, build a rich platform for broader masses.


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