Qinghai tourism ushered in 51 small holiday opener

Qinghai tourism ushered in 51 small holiday opener

4 month 30 days, the province ushered in the 2016 annual tourist season beginning the first small holiday, the province’s major scenic spots and tourist counties have heard "good news.

it is understood that, as a watershed in the province’s tourism season, this year’s May Day holiday driving, special tour, garden style tour has become a hot travel. Xining City People’s Park incense turmeric 26 varieties, 6 colors, 210 thousand strains, 2 strains of blooming flowers and million daffodils and cloves, attracting many tourists; park bumper cars, pirate ships and each play areas are lined up, the food stalls is crowded with tourists.

Guide County Tourism Bureau

, low price in order to prevent the Qike Zaike high settlement and other bad behavior, to further standardize the farmhouse dish price and management behavior, to create a new environment of tourism service quality, a small holiday on the first day the number of tourists 62590 passengers, an increase of 18.31%, tourism revenue 17 million 966 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 21.71%.

self driving tour may day holiday on the first eye-catching market. Beijing Shenzhou car rental Co., Ltd. Xining branch is responsible for Guo manager, the company has more than and 500 cars, 30 car rate reached 70%, mainly concentrated in the tour around the city of Xining, foreign tourists accounted for the total number of car 80%. Although affected by the road, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County in Qinghai water yamaso eco-tourism resort tourists today still thousands of people, including tourists since the arrival of people and leisure.

small holiday on the first day of the province around the moderate temperature, the main scenic spots also ushered in a small peak this year. Especially the bird island in Qinghai Lake scenic area, when the bird watching season, in the media under the influence to the bird watching tourists inside and outside the province in a continuous line. The reporter learned from the travel agency, this year’s "51" holiday, short tour and travel the province surrounding provinces and local residents favor, Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, Guide, the Peach Garden, and the other lines are more popular in beishan. In addition, many local tea business is booming, the first day of the small holiday will achieve a good start".

It is reported that

, to meet the "51" holiday tourism season is coming, our province at all levels of the tourism sector to strengthen the early warm-up publicity, "the city of 100 · Damei Qinghai Tour" event, "spring tide" actively carried out in the country.


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