College students into a hot search term in Heilongjiang

College students into a hot search term in Heilongjiang

2015 years, the number of college students to join the venture has been significantly improved, thanks to the incentives to encourage entrepreneurship. In such a favorable era, college students confidence in the success of entrepreneurship reached an unprecedented height.

2015, the Heilongjiang provincial government issued more than 30 college students innovation and entrepreneurship favorable policies, the number of entrepreneurs is growing exponentially, college students has become the province’s popular search terms.

2015 in August, 85 after the Harbin City Qi Yu street girl would like to open a store, but have no enough money: "the family doesn’t support my business, I have no collateral loans, the thought that I hope to be dashed, I did not expect to get a loan of 80 thousand yuan, and less than 3 days on loan!" Today, the street shops, Qi Yu, a monthly turnover can reach 1 million.

without collateral, 3 days of interest free loans, for two years, which is in Heilongjiang province to the welfare of the students and provide genuine goods at a fair price. In July 2015, the provincial government invested 200 million yuan to set up the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship small loans to Guarantee Corporation, arrange 100 million yuan each year as "seed fund" to support entrepreneurship activities and college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship within 5 years of graduation. Where the company registered in the province of college students, without any collateral or guarantor, by virtue of integrity can apply for loans. The Department of Finance issued a zero interest policy, as long as the repayment within two years on time, do not charge any interest. Eligible borrowers simply go to the bank outlets for a contract, the shortest 3 working days to obtain funds.

in just 5 months, a total of 42 students and 191 graduates benefit, the company officially loans 233 pen, amount to 18 million 30 thousand yuan. College students Guarantee corporation president Lang Shufeng said here, pure credit unsecured loan model to solve the entrepreneurial college students on the recommended funds

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