A new round of reform of state-owned enterprises in our province, 1+N policy system basically formed

A new round of reform of state-owned enterprises in our province, 1+N policy system basically formed

provincial Party committee and provincial government recently issued opinions on deepening the reform of the provincial funded enterprises focus on the implementation of the work. So far, our province has formed a basic "guidance" to the provincial government on deepening the reform of state owned enterprises as the lead, to "opinions" as a supplement, a number of supporting documents for the support of the state owned enterprise reform policy of "1+N" system.

since last year, our province conscientiously implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on the state owned enterprise reform and development of a series of speeches, adhere to problem oriented, strengthen top-level design, a number of state owned enterprise reform steadily. "Opinions" put forward to accelerate the improvement of modern enterprise system and corporate governance structure, to further deepen the reform of the enterprise system, improve the management of capital based state-owned assets supervision system, promote the rational flow of state-owned capital allocation, strengthen and improve the Party leadership of state-owned enterprises, a total of 21 measures in five parts.

"opinions" also put forward some specific goals and requirements in accordance with the time node. As authorized by the board of directors of next year will be to promote the reform in accordance with the conditions of the provincial funded enterprises, the implementation of the Board shall exercise the major decisions, personnel selection, salary distribution and other rights; part will choose a higher degree of market, the operation of the board of directors of the enterprises to carry out standardized market hiring managers pilot, in the mixed ownership reform part two three, enterprise development, and actively and steadily push forward the work of ESOP; carry out provincial enterprises funded major information disclosure system reform, accelerate the construction of "five in one" supervision system; provincial funded enterprises started to carry out the reform of the three systems; the first half of next year to complete the provincial state-owned company of a new round of amendments, accelerate the revised state the holding company started to carry out the articles of association of the enterprise; the enterprises running social functions work etc..

"opinions" to strengthen the party’s leadership and improve the corporate governance of unity, the implementation of the provincial capital enterprise party organization in a direction, the overall situation, the responsibility to implement the protection tube, through the improvement of enterprise major decision-making mechanism, clear rights of enterprise party committee, board of directors, managers and other duties, and the various aspects of the leadership of the party into the corporate governance, the enterprise party organization embedded in the corporate governance structure, to ensure stronger big state-owned enterprises to provide a strong organizational.

at present, the "opinions" and the reform and improvement of state-owned assets management system, the development of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises, the company responsible for the performance of their duties, such as business expenses management approach has been issued 11 supporting documents. To carry out the implementation of opinions, mixed ownership ESOP pilot of the state-owned enterprise workers family area three for one industry separation handover scheme, state-owned enterprises illegal operation accountability measures 7 documents will be issued.


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