Vote for educators who care about Xining

Vote for educators who care about Xining

choose the heart to educate the public good, good community, good business, the masses satisfied with the school

Large investment,

Qinghai Xining News Network Education in recent years, the increased There was no parallel in history. turn the world upside down, gratifying change in education levels, cannot do without the municipal government attaches great importance to education, cannot do without the city’s teachers and educators cannot do without more hard work, selfless care and support from all walks of life…… According to the municipal government to celebrate the twenty-eighth teachers’ Day activities, today, Xining city support education "good citizen", "community" and "enterprise" and "people are satisfied with the school of social selection activities kicked off!

city will be named 40 collective and individual

Xining City, care and support education "good citizen", "community" and "enterprise" and "people are satisfied with the school social selection scope is: care and support for the development of education in Xining City, the city’s people from all walks of life, community, enterprises and our city in recent years, the development of effective running characteristic, high satisfaction of the masses the school. The whole society recommend, select the candidate object, according to the number of votes from the final level of social vote candidates were elected in 10 "care and support education good citizen" and 10 "support educational community" and 10 "support education enterprise" and "10 people are satisfied with the school".

selected threshold set high, was not easy to honor the name

reporter learned that the selection of the community on the collective, individual requirements are high, the masses need to be widely recognized by the vote, support and get a higher number of votes, there may be selected.

"good citizen care education evaluation criteria:" abide by the law, respect for science, well behaved, enthusiastic in public welfare education, adolescent growth; within the limits of long-term funding and assistance "underachievers" or "poor students", outstanding performance, obvious effect; eager to participate in various activities or long-term Youth Education as a school counselor, offer advice and suggestions for the healthy growth of young people.

"community care education" selection criteria: attaches great importance to community education, sound organization, setting up a complete set of Community Education Archives; engaged in community education management, teacher and volunteer staff is relatively stable and can meet the needs of community education; actively cooperate with the school to do the comprehensive management of public security work around the school, no protection the legitimate rights and interests of adults; often carry out the ideological and moral, legal, safety, environment and other aspects of various forms of publicity and education activities; often organization of community education, culture and entertainment activities, community education residents participation rate increased year by year.

care education enterprise selection criteria: care about and support the development of education in Xining City, public education, pay attention to the healthy growth of young students and effective measures, the effect is obvious; the school funding, improve school conditions, or long-term funding, helping poor students "and" left-behind children ", or helping the long-term family economy the difficulties of teachers; cooperation between school and occupation,;

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