Provincial Public Security Fire Brigade deployed in 2016 the province’s fire work

Provincial Public Security Fire Brigade deployed in 2016 the province’s fire work

March 18th, the Qinghai provincial public security fire brigade held a grand annual meeting of the Party committee (enlarged) 2016. The meeting reviewed the 2015 fire work achievements, a careful analysis of the weak link in the fire protection work, combined with the new situation and new tasks facing the fire control work, the arrangements for the deployment of fire protection work in 2016.

the meeting pointed out that in 2015, the province’s public security forces in the correct leadership of the Ministry of public security fire department and the provincial public security bureau Party committee, conscientiously implement the provincial government’s work deployment, Qinghai closely around the overall situation of reform and development, and always adhere to the prevention and elimination of fire as the main line of work, remember our mission, to perform their duties of loyalty, hard work and do solid work, in the blood and fire tempered before Buweijianxian, in the face of life and death test Linweibuju, to ensure the continued stability of the fire safety situation, to make its due contribution to the reform and development of live and work in peace stability and the people of all nationalities.

the meeting stressed that this year is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, is also an important year completed a comprehensive well-off society, carry out the fire task this year arduous responsibility. The fire department at all levels and all the fire officers and soldiers will continue to adhere to the problem oriented and the bottom line of thinking, deepen the innovation of system and mechanism, to prevent risks, make a short board, keep the bottom line, to redouble their efforts to temper forward, for our province’s economic and social development and building a well-off society and create a good environment for fire safety.

is how well the 2016 fire control work, the meeting request, the first is to strengthen police to effectively build a strong loyal and reliable. The fire officers and soldiers to firmly establish political awareness, the overall sense of awareness and consciousness as the core, strictly abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules, always ideologically, politically, action with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the highly consistent, do not discount does not buckle to implement the provincial government the decision to deploy; to maintain combat readiness command to defend conscientious consciousness, position consciousness and escort mission consciousness, always focus on promoting the development of fire control work, in promoting fire team construction, to promote the cause of the fire to new heights, Qinghai to a new level. Two is to comprehensively improve the prevention and control of social fire. To further strengthen the fire safety situation analysis, perform supervisory duties according to law, and severely punish violations of fire safety, and resolutely curb serious fire accidents; to strengthen the work of the fire command system – a joint logistics linkage and hierarchical management, carry out internal fire safety self-examination since reform, establish and improve departmental interaction and multi police joint logistics etc. assist the mechanism, the full implementation of regulatory responsibility. Three is to continue to enhance the level of fire fighting and rescue. The fire departments at all levels should firmly establish the "fires, fight a fierce battle and rescue disaster" preparations, closely combined with the regions of Qinghai and the actual economic and social development, seriously find out the base of high-rise building underground, petrochemical enterprises, flammable and explosive and crowded places, targeted organizations, multilevel and multi type the police cross regional joint combat drills, and effectively improve the ability of emergency disposal of sudden accident;

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