Xining city farmers to achieve full coverage of the house

Xining city farmers to achieve full coverage of the house

recently, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and television, in accordance with the requirements of the construction of the rural library, Xining City Bureau of the full deployment of the 2012 farm house project implementation plan. After five years of construction, this year to achieve the goal of each village in Xining City, the village of 931.

this year, the city of Xining built the last batch of farm houses and put into use, to achieve the full coverage of the village Bookstore 931 goals. Among them, Ping Xiang Da Bao Zi Zhen Zhu Bei Cun, Chengbei District, Huangyuan County, Gaoling small farm house village farm house staff won the State Press and Publication Administration issued the advanced individual honor certificate, coal Cave Village Bridge in the town of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County rouchard farm house, Huangzhong County town of Xu village farm house won the honorary title of advanced collective.

at present, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs has been in the national farm house project information management system, the construction of 202 farmers this year, the construction of the relevant information, can be found after logging into the relevant information. In the future, the Xining Municipal Bureau of SMG will also be held in the city’s rural library management personnel training, professional knowledge learning system classification, registration books, storage, lending and other aspects, improve administrator management ability and service level. (author: Ma Rong)

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