Xining to improve the satisfaction of tourists action plan will be introduced

Xining to improve the satisfaction of tourists action plan will be introduced

* a city class a toll free public toilets

* to increase access to the main scenic bus routes and shifts

– to promote the construction of tourism service center

vigorously carry out tourism practitioners training

to improve the quality of tourism services in Xining City, allowing visitors to come on an impulse and memorable, Xining city decided from August this year to the end of 12th Five-Year, to carry out a comprehensive work to improve the satisfaction of tourists, tourism into a strategic pillar industry of Xining and the people more satisfied with the modern service industry, to develop and improve the satisfaction of tourists "action plan of Xining city" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). "Program" in August 19th by the Xining municipal government executive meeting.

according to the "plan", Xining city will complete the tourism service facilities, optimize the tourism environment, improve the quality of tourism services, improve the tourism complaints mechanism and strengthen the supervision and standardization of tourism tourism transportation, tourism to combat illegal business activities, to strengthen the tourism public opinion monitoring and publicity seven measures to improve the quality of tourism services and tourist city of Xining satisfaction.

specifically, Xining will focus on setting public symbols of road traffic signs regulations, trees, city streets, ancient streets and alleys to set directions and transformation cards; will improve road accessibility and urban tourism, increase tourism bus lines leading to the major scenic spots and will gradually shift; to solve the problem of public toilet in Xining less, low grade, uneven distribution and visitors to the toilet difficult, the abolition of the A-class tourist attractions of public toilets to charge fees, shopping malls, supermarkets, stores and other public places, public toilets free of charge; will increase the scenic parking lot construction; improve the airport, train station, bus station traffic travel service function; increase the development and management of Xining tourism commodities.

at the same time, strengthen the catering management, improve the tourism complaints mechanism, crack down on illegal trading, shopping, food and beverage consumption places bully off, cheating behavior, business training tourism professionals. (author: Wu Yachun)

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